Oct 01 2004

And to think I was worried…

…that I might not get to see the first presidential candidates' debate. At least three of the channels we get on our local cable system (included Sweden's SVT 1 and TV4) are airing it live over night (meaning 3 a.m. local time) and there are several more that will air it tape-delayed tomorrow. Amazing. One can only imagine how important this election is to the rest of the world if two of the national TV networks in this tiny country of 10 million people are airing the first debate live. (If only the rest of the world could vote.)

Just a quick reminder to my e-mail subscribers…these entries are being sent to you directly from the service that hosts The Viking Diaries. That means if you've been replying to them as though they were coming from my e-mail address, I don't know about it. I also have no idea where those replies went…they're probably still floating around in cyberspace somewhere!

Now I've explained to my Mom that she can hit the reply button if after she reads this…but she needs to write my e-mail address in the To: field before she sends it. (I'll post the news here if and when she succeeds in responding this way!) ;^D

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