Oct 02 2004

Speaking of gorgeous fall weather…

It looks like we're finally going to get a full weekend of it. And much to our delight, we'll be spending at least a portion of it out in the countryside. (Instead of working, like I *should* be doing!)

Our friends Bjorn and Geena have invited us to a spontaneous overnight crayfish party at their stuga…spontaneous because the plan came together at about 11 o'clock last night. (Though I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised since Geena had mentioned crayfish as appropriate way to mark my recently acquired PUT…and the crayfish season does not last for ever!) We had such a teriffic time the first time we were there so this is an unexpected treat! And the actual logistics of it should be a bit simpler since we won't have huge, energetic black Lab with us this time.

So this means I need to get going and accomplish a few things around the apartment before we head out of town. I'm actually going to take along some of the DK Norway guide manuscript in case I end up with a little quiet time to do some proofreading. Speaking of that, I had e-mail from my contact in London yesterday offering me another fact-checking assignment after we're done with this one…really surprising considering that she hasn't seen any of my work yet! LOL!

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