Oct 04 2004

Television Programming for Dummies…

I don't know if this particular title actually exists in the "…for Dummies" series of books, but if it did, I'm sure there would be a copy on the desk of every television executive in Sweden. Wait…I take that back. The Swedes would probably receive a co-author credit as well.

TV3 announced their "Fall Season" back in September with the usual fanfare. But now, just three weeks into it, they are airing the *final* episode of the season of ER that just started. But wait…it gets better! They'll be running the in-between episodes later (how kind)…but the dates and times remain unspecified.

Now this begs the question (politically incorrect as it may be): Are these people retarded? I'm sorry if that sounds harsh but in over two years of living here I've yet to find any logic in what seems to be the common practice of chopping up a dramatic series, re-arranging the order of the episodes and then airing them on different nights at different times so that no-one with a real life could possibly keep up with them. Sheesh…

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