Oct 06 2004

My butt is numb…

…not from the cold, but because I've spent so many hours sitting at the kitchen table which is presently serving as my make-shift office. The wooden chairs (from IKEA, naturally) are comfortable for about the length of time that one might linger over a decent meal, but no longer than that.

So it's been a lengthy and productive day on the freelance front. (After I finished watching the VP debate on tape, that is.) The Swede has been tackling the updates of some of the maps in the Norway guidebook, and has assorted atlases and roadmaps spread out all over the livingroom. So I've been parked in the kitchen for the better part of the day, but thanks to the loan-er laptop from South African Nic, we are at least able to e-mail each other once in awhile! LOL!

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