Oct 08 2004

Happy Birthday Dear Mindy!

I'll be chatting with my sister on the phone a little later on (if I can catch her!) and that's ALWAYS a treat! (Now I just need to remember the time-difference between here and Atlanta!)

It's a lovely fall day here so the Swede and I are trying to figure out how to get outside and enjoy it for a bit. I've got a ton of work to do on the freelance project, much of which involves calling folks at assorted tourist destinations in Norway, so I'm going to be kind of tied up during what I suspect will be the warmest and nicest part of the day. Oh well…my exercise for the day may end up being the walk to the grocery store!

Speaking of Norway…here's a native-born singer-songwriter to watch/listen for: Maria Mena . I saw her on MTV Up North when we were in Oslo in August and my initial impression was that the voice just didn't match the face. (She's 18 but looks about 12.) But after hearing the tune again (called "Just a Little Bit"), I'm over the fact that she looks 12…it's just a phenomenally good song. And then I found out that *she wrote it* (writes all of her own music, actually) and well, let's just say that talent like that is SCARY!

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