Oct 10 2004

Where did the weekend go?

I can't believe how incredibly unproductive I've been over the last two days. I took yesterday off intentionally, but the plan for today was to really buckle down and work on the color portions (mostly maps, museum layouts, etc.) for the Norway guide. Those elements are due back in London on the 15th…which means we've only got a couple more days to finish them up. ACK!

I had an odd bout of insomnia on Friday night…meaning I could have watched the second presidential debate live if I wanted to, but since the VCR was already set up to record it, I didn't bother.

But when we went to watch it Saturday morning over breakfast, we discovered that I must have accidently pressed the timer button twice…thus de-activating it. (I swear that machine hates me!) So I spent the better part of the morning scrambling around trying to find someone who had recorded it (with no luck, I might add). Then we discovered that Faux News was re-playing it in its entirety starting at 1 p.m., so we watched it over lunch rather than breakfast.

On Saturday night we met up with some friends in the city for dinner and drinks, got home late and slept in late today (well, the Swede did, anyway). I was on laundry detail this morning and just when I was finally ready to get back to the Norway guide I remembered that we hadn't booked my plane ticket for Thanksgiving yet. (We'd talked about it and researched prices several times last week but never got around to booking it.) This turned out to be a little bigger project than we envisioned because the all the really low fares were only available on sites that required a credit card with a U.S. billing address. Fortunately Mom came the the rescue and let me put it on one of her cards until I get home and can pay her in cash.

So, for those who are interested….I'll arrive in Indianapolis late on Wednesday, Nov. 17 for two whole weeks in the U.S. Unfortunately our household finances will keep the Swede here at home for this trip and I'm slightly wigged about the fact that she's not coming with…but only slightly…so far!

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