Oct 14 2004

Time just keeps flying by…

…and NOT because I’m having fun, but rather because I have an important deadline looming on Friday and as late as this morning I was seriously concerned that I would not be able to meet it.

But fortunately my contact at the National Gallery and Museum of Contemporary Art in Oslo was FINALLY in her office this afternoon (we’d talked via her mobile phone many times but she was always in a meeting or on a train at the time) and I got the information I needed for the final two colour pages (note British spelling) of the Norway guide. Bullet dodged.

In the meantime, Mom reports that my airline tickets for Thanksgiving have arrived. Now all she has to do is get them to me before I fly on November 17th…which is just over a MONTH AWAY! I’ll never be able to lose 15 lbs. by then! Not that anyone there will care, but I plan to eat a lot of Taco Bell, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and Frozen Custard (with a brief break for turkey and all the trimmings) for two solid weeks. I need to drop a few lbs. before I get there just so I won’t be the size of a water buffalo when I get back to Sweden December.


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