Oct 15 2004


And I actually mean it in the traditional sense. It's been a rather tough week…but I did manage to get the colour copies of the Norway Guide to London on time.

And my coordinator, Sadie, even called this afternoon to say how good everything looked. This was thanks in large part to all the hard work Dr. Darling did on the maps…and Sadie said she would send the Swede a complimentary copy of the DK Sweden Guide for her efforts. Now I've got two weeks to finish up the text…which still requires a ton of work…but now that the colour is out of the way I can give it my undivided attention.

We celebrated hitting the first deadline by meeting some AWC friends at our favorite Thai restaurant for lunch. YUM. There were a couple of brand new members there…one of whom spent most of the hour drilling me on the immigration process. She's currently here on a tourist visa and is trying to secure residency without going back to the U.S. to apply for it…which is how Sweden prefers that it be done. Given that this is a major rule-following country…I think she may be in for a rough ride.

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