Oct 17 2004

“Hurts so good!”

Two activities this weekend qualified as "Hurts so good" experiences. On Saturday I did my first sauna and cold plunge of the coming winter season at Malmo's Kallbadhus (literally "cold bathhouse"). Granted the Öresund was not as cold as it will be in January…but it was cold enough! This has become a regular monthly activity for the AWC during the winter months so I'll be going regularly until the Spring (when the water gets too warm).

The second activity was assisting some friends with their move from a fifth-floor apartment in a building with no elevator (seriously) to a fifth-floor condo with a very small and slow-moving elevator. Fortunately they had a crew of about 15 people on hand for this operation, many of whom we will probably be able to recruit for own own (eventual) move to a larger place. (SCORE!)

Still, in spite of the many hands, this was not light work…and today we are both feeling the consequences of it. (I think we're also paying for not having been to the gym since August.) The Swede has been walking around like Frankenstien all day, unable to (or rather unwilling) to bend her knees. Which is why I made her help me with the laundry. The laundry room is on the other side of the building and two flights down from our apartment…I'm so mean! ;^P

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