Oct 19 2004

Typical Tuesday

Nothing really special to report…except that I had my first brush with the socialized medical system here this morning. I needed to have my estrogen patch prescription refilled and in the past, we've always had one of the Swede's colleagues at the hospital do it. But now that she's no longer working at the hospital, our medical doctor connections have dried up and we had to pay the 150 SEK fee (about 20 bucks) for a 5 minute appointment to have the script re-written. (For which we waited 40 minutes.)

It's not the money that bugs me so much as it is that I took a spot with a Dr. that could have gone to someone who is actually sick. One of the most consistent complaints about the system here is how long you can have to wait for an appointment…though it's a much bigger problem in the bigger cities than it is here in Limhamn.

Late this afternoon I did the radio show in Lund and led English conversation for the International Office. And in between I worked on the Norway guide. I'm at the stage now where I'm calling the places that either haven't responded to e-mail or didn't have an e-mail address to begin with…which has been an adventure.

Lots of these places are already closed for the season, so instead of getting someone who is used to dealing with tourist questions (and therefore speaks some English), I'm talking with caretakers of historic buildings or the lowly local government clerk charged with answering the phone in the off-season. So I speak halting Swedish and they speak very rapid Norwegian, and HOPEFULLY…I'm getting the important facts right!

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