Oct 24 2004

Pizza Weekend

We celebrated my newly employed status with pizza on Friday night because pizza is always a treat and I love it whenever I don't have to cook. But at the time we didn't know we would be having pizza on Saturday night, too (during a Girls Night at Brituish Michaela's house), so between dinners and left-overs for lunch, it feels like that was the only thing I ate all weekend long!

We ended up at Michaela's last night because I was due for a massage and as she and her daughter were on their own for the weekend, she invited both of us over for dinner and a movie. We rented "The Butterfly Effect" and it was about a young man (Ashton Kutcher) who discovered he could re-live scenes from his childhood in such a way that it changed the present day. It reminded me a little bit of "Frequency" but even more violent.

Today we did laundry and worked on the DK Norway Guide…for which the deadline is fast approaching. The Swede is VERY nervous that we're not going to finish in time…she obviously hasn't had a lot of experience with my tendency to procrastinate and then pull things off at the last minute!

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