Oct 29 2004

Mission accomplished…almost

Well, I'm happy to report that 99.97% of the DK Norway Guide is on it's way to London via DHL. (And what a terrific service that is by the way. The driver comes directly to the apartment to pick the package up and then another driver delivers it to my revisions coordinator in London within a day. Reminds me of the standard of service back home…LOL!) The 0.03% of the Guide that's still here can be sent by e-mail and will hopefully be completed by mid-afternoon tomorrow.

My coordinator was happy to give me a little extra time with it since she's sent me on a couple wild goose chases for photographs and new entry information over the past few days above and beyond my contracted responsibilities. Plus, she's revising the Warsaw guide at the same time and I guess it's not going so well. The Norway guide was a piece of cake by comparison so she was feeling pretty generous about stretching our deadline. This was a really HUGE and complicated project and I'm not sure it was worth the money we earned for it, but then again it's not as though we were doing anything else!

So tonight I'm relaxing with a cheesy movie, some leisurely web-surfing and a Bailey's on-the-rocks. Oh…and my airline tickets for the Thanksgiving trip arrived today. Life is good.

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