Oct 31 2004

It’s that semi-annual time of year…

…when all the clocks are wrong in our apartment. The time changed overnight and we gained an hour, which was a real help this morning when we were trying to get the apartment clean and re-arranged for the impending arrival of our "new" couches.

We inherited two small couches from South African Nic that can be configured in an "L" shape…which means they fit beautifully in the corner across from the TV, effectively doubling the number of people we can seat comfortably in the living room. (This was a high priority for me as I'd really like to do more entertaining.) The thing that's really surprising both of us is how much "bigger" the room is now. I knew we weren't using the space very effectively before…but it never occurred to me that we'd be able to add two good-sized pieces of furniture and actually end up with more living space. BONUS!

But now the "dark side" of the time-change is upon us…literally. It's just after 5 p.m. and it's pretty much pitch black outside. Blech. The Swede actually lit some candles…a sure sign that winter is upon us. Double blech! We haven't had any trick-or-treaters, but then living in an apartment building I don't really expect to. I helped out at the AWC Halloween Party last night (as president of the club I couldn't really get out of it). We had 120 people there…fully half of them kids and nearly 25 of the kids under the age of three. It was total chaos, but I think everybody had a pretty good time.

I can't believe I start my new job tomorrow. In the closing weeks of the DK Norway project I've I've barely had time to think about it. Okay, I gotta go cook dinner. Starting tomorrow night, that will be the Swede's most of the time! WAHOO!

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