Nov 13 2004

A concession speech I can live with…

Blogger Adam Felber has written the concession speech that I wish John Kerry could have delivered. In it he makes several points that I’ve been mulling over
the past 10 days in trying to figure out how in the hell Bush ended up
with 3 million more votes than Kerry did.

Here’s a preview…a link to the full essay follows.

[Former candidate Felber, flanked by his family and supporters, steps up to the
podium in the bright autumn sunlight. Cheers and applause are heard.]

My fellow Americans, the people of this nation have spoken, and spoken
with a clear voice. So I am here to offer my concession. [Boos, groans,
rending of garments]

I concede that I overestimated the intelligence of the American people.
Though the people disagree with the President on almost every issue,
you saw fit to vote for him. I never saw that coming. That’s really
special. And I mean "special" in the sense that we use it to describe
those kids who ride the short school bus and find ways to injure
themselves while eating pudding with rubber spoons. That kind of

I concede that I misjudged the power of hate. That’s pretty powerful
stuff, and I didn’t see it. So let me take a moment to congratulate the
President’s strategists: Putting the gay marriage amendments on the
ballot in various swing states like Ohio… well, that was just genius.
Genius. It got people, a certain kind of people, to the polls. The
unprecedented number of folks who showed up and cited "moral values" as
their biggest issue, those people changed history. The folks who
consider same sex marriage a more important issue than war, or
terrorism, or the economy… Who’d have thought the election would
belong to them? Well, Karl Rove did. Gotta give it up to him for that.
[Boos.] Now, now. Credit where it’s due.

It gets even better from here…so click here to read the entire essay. And let me just say, THANK YOU Adam Felber…you have MY vote in 2008. (Unless Barak Obama runs…in which case I’d love to see you as his running mate.)

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