Nov 14 2004

The return of the caffeine-withdrawal headache…

So Saturday morning I woke up at 8:30 (a luxury considering I'd been up before 6:00 the previous five days) all ready to feel really rested for the first time in a week. WRONG! I felt like hell and it didn't take long for me to figure out why. By 8:30 I was already at least TWO big mugs of coffee behind my weekday schedule. And the real bummer is, once a caffeine-withdrawal headache has set in, no amount of caffeine intake afterward is going to do all that much good. So basically I had a headache until about 4 that afternoon. Not fun.

Dr. Darling and I did manage to take care of a few errands for my upcoming trip. I had dreams of getting all of my Christmas shopping for the U.S. done before I left (and thus save myself the expense of having to mail parcels later)…but NO SUCH LUCK! I had no idea that a full-time job (with an hour commute each way) was going to wreak such havoc on the rest of my schedule. Ugh.

On Saturday night we went to a dinner party at some friends' new apartment in the center of the city. We hadn't been there since the day we helped them move in and the place is really shaping up. The conversation was lively and of course the wine flowed freely. And today I learned that a visit to the kallbadhus for a sauna and cold-plunge is a really good cure for a mild hang-over!

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