Dec 03 2004


So the flights were fine (and the Atlantic crossing mercifully short…just 7:20 compared to 9+ hours on the way over) and and both Dr. Darling and South African Nic were at the train station in Malmö to help me handle the luggage. It was lovely to see them both and wonderful to not have to haul the suitcases on the bus! Nic was delighted with the networking components I hauled back for him and Dr. Darling has already put a serious dent in the black Twizzlers she requested. (I know, she’s weird.)

My boss called about 3:30 yesterday afternoon to give me a heads-up about a presentation she wanted me to sit in on today. (I felt so important!) Turns out the meeting involved two guys from a Stockholm PR firm, my company’s global marketing manager, me, my boss, and our CEO. I think I was too jet-lagged (was wide awake at 4 a.m. this morning) to realize the significance of it at the time…and of course my Swedish is WAY ragged after speaking and hearing nothing by English for two weeks…but it was still pretty exciting to be involved. (Though that may have been due to the copious amount of caffiene surging through my system at the time.)

Dr. Darling had planned to cook for me tonight…but hadn’t started dinner yet when I got home so it was pretty easy to talk her into ordering pizza. My Iraqi friends at our neighborhood pizzeria had lots of questions about the trip and Thanksgiving…switching back and forth between Swedish and English as it suited them (they really like speaking English with me). So now my belly is full and the couch is really comfortable and I’m hoping to get a few more hours sleep tonight than I did last night. Wish me luck!

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