Dec 05 2004

Call me Rip Van Winkle…

I slept for 11 hours straight on Friday night and then 10 hours more last night…all without ever developing the usual "slept-too-long-headache" or even having to get up to pee!

But between all the sleeping and online work involved in relocating this blog to its new host, I did not get nearly as much done around the apartment as I intended. Nor did I spend any time on the Scandinavian pages of the DK Europe Guide. (Will pay for that later, no doubt.)

Dr. Darling and I did manage to get out for a walk this afternoon (which included a much-needed trip to the grocery store for what else? COFFEE!). The weather has been overcast and wet, but at least the temps remain mild for this time of year.

We met some Amerikanska buddies for a beer at the Pickwick Pub early Saturday evening. Of the seven of us who were there, three had flown over from the U.S. in the previous week. (Ginni on Monday, Nicole on Tuesday and me on Wednesday.) Small world, innit?!

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