Dec 06 2004

ShazzerSpeak is in the house!

Welcome to what I *hope* is the new permanent home of ShazzerSpeak. (I know, I know…I’ve said this before…but this time I’m actually paying for the hosting service!)

The site should function fairly similarly to what regular ShazzerSpeak readers are used to…or at least what they WERE used to before my previous host implemented the ironically named "upgrade" that rendered the blog pretty much NON-readable. The newest entries across all ShazzerSpeak categories are listed first thing in the left-hand sidebar with the Category links (the unsual suspects: Alt-Media-Commentary, Bulletin-Bored, Home and Journal) immediately following. Clicking the Category links will take you to a list of entry titles rather than the complete entries for that Category. You will also find search, calendar, archive, tagboard and mailing list utilities in this column.

The right-hand sidebar should look very familiar. There’s nothing particularly new here except for the Guestbook, which is now a separate element rather than an integrated feature of the blog. What does this mean for the reader/signer? Absolutely nothing. But for me it involves a few extra administrative/housekeeping duties.

I’m guessing there will be a few more revisions to the color-scheme and layout (Dr. Darling will surely want to play around with things a bit) but hopefully these won’t be too confusing or distracting. To my regular readers who weren’t driven away by the problems of my previous host (or who are just now coming back), thanks for hanging in there with me! And to new readers, a hearty welcome!

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