Dec 07 2004

I am a Closet Geek…

(Of course I realize this information falls under the category of “News to Nobody“, but it does me good to admit it every once in awhile.)

I have recently taken to attaching a red safety light to my backpack…similar to the tail-lights on bicycles that are required by law here once the sun sets. (And in case I haven’t mentioned it recently, the sun sets here in southern Sweden quite early these days…like around 4 p.m.)  Given that a good portion of my commute is spent walking in some not-so-well-lit areas (both early in the morning and in the late afternoon/evening), I figure the extra visibility can’t hurt anything.

But it’s become clear to me that some folks find this a bit “geeky”…to which I say, “Hey, at least the red light isn’t blinking or flashing or chasing!” (All of which are options with this particular light. Now THAT would be really geeky.)

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