Dec 08 2004

Geek status update!

Dr. Darling saw the red safety light attached to my backpack for the first time last night and asked if it had come as part of the bag (it’s new…my Mom got it for me for Christmas when I was home for Thanksgiving). When I said no, I had purchased it separately while in the U.S., she pulled a sad face and asked why I hadn’t gotten her one, too. Now I was just sure that she had rolled her eyes at me when I first mentioned the idea of wearing a safety light during the winter darkness, but she maintains otherwise and in fact thinks it’s a pretty good idea! So…not such a geek after all, eh?!

(On the other hand, Dr. Darling is a scientist, and therefore by default a bit of a geek herself. Hmmmm…perhaps I need to re-evaluate the impact of her assessment.)

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