Dec 08 2004

More Tales from the Commute…

When I first moved to Sweden, I marvelled at the efficiency of the the public transportation system and regularly sang it’s praises.

I’m over it now. (And it took less than three weeks as a regular commuter for the shine to dull.)

Today there was no driver for the 7:39am train to Helsingborg. This is a very popular line because it’s 1) a regular passenger train (larger, more modern and comfortable than the regional commuter trains), and B) only stops in Lund and Landskrona (where my office is located) on the way up, rather than every little podunk town between Malmö and Helsingborg.

So this particular train is always packed, and today there was no driver for it. (What had happened to the driver that brought it INTO Malmö’s Central Station was never explained…typical.)

Now the folks who were headed to Lund had a couple other options within 20 minutes of our scheduled 7:39am departure (commuter trains to Lund basically leave about every 10 minutes at that hour of the day), but those of us headed to Landskrona and Helsingborg had wait until 8:05am…which meant I was a half hour later getting to work.  And yeah, 30 minutes doesn’t sound like all that much, until you start thinking of it in terms of an extra half hour that you could have slept in! Aaarrrgghh!!

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