Dec 12 2004

New features extravaganza!

So I’m starting to get the feel for how things work with my new host Blog-City, resulting in a couple new features being added to ShazzerSpeak over the weekend.  Of course most of them are for my convenience and amusement, but my tens of thou…okay, my 10 readers might get a kick out of them, too.  There are now three boxes of links, though I naturally reserve the right to add more. The one in the left sidebar lists other Ex-Pat blogs and message boards I like to read.  The list is understandably a bit Sweden-centric at the moment, but that’s likely to change as more links are added. The two boxes in the right sidebar are pretty self-explanatory, and I must say it’s really nice to have all my favorite humor and news sites so easily accessible from here!

One of the coolest new features is actually within the Fun Reads link box.  Clicking on Shazzer’s Fave Feeds will take you to this blog’s news feed page, which is essentially a news reader/aggregator built right into the blog. It’s not quite as feature-rich as a service like Bloglines, but what it lacks in "bells and whistles" is more than made up for by the fact that I don’t have to log in to a separate site to read my favorite RSS feeds.

As mentioned earlier, I’ve added a virtual pet to my little online home here (bottom of the left sidebar)…watch for an upcoming poll on potential names for the little critter!  And finally, in the lower right section of the sidebar is a utility called a SideBlog.  It’s for short posts of dubious content that don’t really warrant being front and center in the main content sections. Not sure how much I’ll use it, but quite frankly I’m just chuffed that I managed to install it where I wanted it!

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