Dec 13 2004

I want my money back…

So the local public transportation company (which includes both busses and trains here in Skåne) offers a guarantee to travellers that if you are more than 20 minutes late to your destination because of a screw up on their part, they will give you a free day’s travel around the region (or pay up to 500 SEK toward your cab fare). Prior to becoming a commuter, this struck me as a very generous offer that surely could not have been claimed by many people…at least not without Skånetrafiken going broke. But as of today, I’ve already qualified for two free days of travel around the region…and it’s ONLY DECEMBER 13TH!!!

The first time it was because the train driver didn’t show up, and this morning it was because the bus never showed up…or was at the very least so friggin’ early that the four regulars who catch this particular bus five mornings a week ALL missed it. (NOT likely.)

Just the way *I* like to start a Monday morning.

Feed my ego!

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