Dec 15 2004

I’ve become a “Quiet Car Nazi”!

It’s taken me less than one month as a full-time commuter to learn to really appreciate the "Quiet Car" on the Öresund region trains…so much so that I’m genuinely disappointed if I can’t get a seat in one. (The smaller commuter trains don’t have them.)

Tonight my newfound dedication to the sanctity of the quiet car led me to shush some people for talking. Okay, I didn’t actually "shush" them (which is what a typical Swede would do), I just politely explained that they were in the quiet car and if they wanted to talk there were other cars on the train where they could do that. (All in Swedish, of course.) They were very apologetic (it’s easy to end up in the quiet car without realizing it) and they decided to move to a different car. And since it was well after the rush hour there were plenty of other seats, so I didn’t feel the least bit guilty about it!

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