Dec 18 2004

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

…mostly because we got our tree today. Now if only it would start to "feel" like Christmas I might actually find myself experiencing a bit of the "spirit of the season." But I’ve been so busy since getting back from the U.S. that putting the tree up is the first Christmas-related thing I’ve managed to accomplish.

We tried to do some shopping today…with only marginal success. I found the Christmas postcards I was looking for (with scenes from Malmö in them), but the rest of the outing was a bust. There’s a local neighborhood bookstore I was counting on for a few items I plan to send stateside, but when I arrived at 2 p.m it had already been closed for an hour. What kind of store closes at 1 p.m. the Saturday before Christmas? Geez! I swear sometimes I think Swedish retailers just don’t want to make money.

Our tree is nice though…if not a little Charlie Brown-esque. It’s a bit sparse at the top, and the trunk forks in two about halfway up, so it’s interesting-looking to say the least. But that was the main reason we bought it. And now that it’s decorated it actually looks quite normal…just like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree did!

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