Dec 19 2004

Looking like Christmas, Part II

We woke up this morning to a lovely dusting of snow…the first of the season!  Most of it melted away in the sunshine (which was a treat in and of itself), but it’s still pretty cold compared to the last few weeks. Dr. Darling and I discussed it and we both agreed that the blue sky was well worth the lower temps.

We had our favorite neighbors over for fika this afternoon, which in addition to providing some real Swedish social interaction also meant that the apartment got cleaned up a bit.  This makes it even nicer to curl up on the couch and behold the Christmas tree…though we are having some minor electrical issues with the lights.  Because they came with me from the U.S., they have to be connected to a converter before they can be plugged into the wall. Of the two converters I have, one won’t allow the lights to blink (which is just fine with the Swede, but that’s another story). The other allows the lights to blink but overheats after a couple of hours and shuts off completely. So we have to rotate between the two converters we I want the lights to blink, which is kind of a pain. I suspect that we’ll be buying some new lights during the after-Christmas sales this year.

(Note to self: Ask Mom to buy more icicles during the after-Christmas sales in the U.S. this year.)

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