Dec 21 2004

I hate the hiccups…

And I have a terrible case of them now.

This on top of having a small fish bone stuck in my esophagus.  At least that’s my strongest suspicion about the fairly steady sensation in my chest…which feels like something I’ve eaten hasn’t gone all the way down, or that I need to burp.  Not painful, just irritating.

I first noticed it sometime on Friday afternoon or evening, about 24 hours after I’d eaten a fish filet in which I’d found bones. And I didn’t discover a couple of them until after I’d already had a big bite of it in my mouth. I tried to fish the individual bones out with my finger…and I got one, but didn’t get the other, and rather than spit the whole bite out into a napkin in front of my colleagues at work (like I should have done), I went ahead and swallowed it even though I knew there was still a bone in it.  How stupid was that?

Of course Dr. Darling the Fish Hater says this is a sign that I should not be eating fish.

Which is why I had salmon for lunch today.

Feed my ego!

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