Dec 22 2004

Christmas is WHEN?

Well, our winter wonderland (such as it was) lasted exactly two days, and now we’re back to gray skies and rain.  This is naturally contributing nicely to my current lack of Holiday Spirit.  It just doesn’t feel like Christmas to me, and I think the cultural differences in the way it's celebrated have a lot to do with it. Plus being so far away from family and long-time friends doesn't help. I was really hopeful that if I got a big USA Fix at Thanksgiving, "Jul i Sverige" would be a little easier to handle. So far IT'S NOT WORKING!!!  I have ZERO enthusiasm and/or motivation to do any of the usual things (shopping, Christmas cards, baking, etc.). And of course working full-time with an hour-plus commute each way really cuts into one's time and energy as well.

Speaking of the commute…there was hardly anyone on the bus or the train today (owing to so many taking time off for Christmas) and I’m sure traffic will be even more sparse tomorrow. I have to work a half-day on Thursday and then Friday is the “official” holiday here. Swedes get both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off when they fall on weekdays, but not if they happen to fall on weekends, which means that NEXT year, no one who works a regular weekday schedule will get any time off for Christmas. BUMMER. Good thing I’ll be in the U.S.! (Though both the Swede and I will have to burn up a lot of vacation days for the trip.)


The good new is that our friends who promised to pay Dr. Darling in alcohol (for helping them clean the apartment they had just moved out of) came through yesterday. The liquor cabinet is now fully stocked with white rum, vodka, gin, Cinzano Limetto, and six bottles of a nice South Australian Chardonnay. (This is on top of the Jose Cuervo, Captain Morgan and two bottles of a French red that we already had.)

Hmmmmmm, perhaps it will be a “merry” Christmas after all?

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