Dec 23 2004

Green Christmas in a Ghost Town…

The weather has warmed up considerably in the last 24 hours…so much so that I switched back from my winter coat to the jacket of my rainsuit this morning. I'm having a tough time coming to terms with the fact that in spite of living closer to the North Pole than ever before, I'm running around on December 23rd in what basically amounts to a re-inforced windbreaker!

There was hardly anyone on the train this morning and there are even fewer people in the office at the moment. It's just a half-day for most of the divisions within the company, and apparently ALOT of people have chosen to take that half-day as vacation or comp-time. But it was a really productive morning for me anyway…it's always easier to get work donw when you're not being constantly interrupted by the phone, colleagues, etc.

Turns out I have to correct some information I reported yesterday about the Swedish Christmas holiday policy. I forgot about December 26th…called "Annandag jul" (which translates literally to Another Day Christmas)…and it's always an "official" holiday, too. Unless it falls on the weekend like it does this year. So, to recap…Christmas is a three-day holiday here and pretty much everyone is off work when the 24th, 25th and/or 26th fall on weekdays. But when one or two of those days happen to fall on weekends (like this year and next year), tough luck mate!

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