Dec 24 2004

Christmas is closing in…

Though for Swedes…it’s already here. They tend to celebrate the big holidays on the day/evening before. I’m not entirely sure why this is…though I’ve heard from several sources that it’s because it guarantees them a day off to recover from the hangover. This really surprises me considering how quietly my Swedish family marks this particular holiday.

My MiL arrived yesterday afternoon and later on today we’ll have a slightly toned-down version of "julbord", the traditional Swedish Christmas meal that typically includes cold ham, several varieties of herring, cocktail weenies, meatballs, potatoes au gratin with anchovies, red cabbage, and for dessert, rice pudding. Believe me, it’s as awful tasty as it sounds! (Though this year we’re compromising and leaving the anchovies out of the potatoes.) Then sometime this evening we’ll open gifts and probably watch a movie. And that’s it. That’s Christmas. If I didn’t insist that we open the gifts from my family on Christmas Day, we’d probably do nothing except eat leftovers and watch TV. I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to it…but at least I only have to endure it every other year.

One Swedish Christmas tradition I really do like is glögg, a spiced mulled wine that you pour over sliced almonds and raisins before you drink it. Very nice…and I plan to drink a lot of it this weekend! (Is it any wonder why?)

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