Dec 25 2004

Merry Christmas!

The day may be winding down here…but I know the celebrations are in full swing elsewhere in the world, particularly in the U.S.  I talked to a couple of family members in Indiana yesterday and will try to track down a few more later on tonight.

It’s been a low-key day but nice.  I got up early and baked Christmas cookies (nothing like waiting until the last minute!) while waiting for Dr. Darling and her mother to stir. Then we had rice porridge with cold rasperry soup for breakfast. This is the traditional food that Swedish kids set out “for the little elves who help out in the barn.” Don’t ask me what this means exactly … I asked Dr. Darling about it and she helpfully reminded me that her Ph.D is in molecular medicine, NOT Swedish folklore. But I suspect the tradition originated back in the day when *everybody* had a barn…and lots of work that needed doing in it.

Then we opened gifts … the Swede got me a new computer (odometer/speedometer) for my bike … which is much appreciated since my current one tends to flip out and require a reset every other time I detach it from the handlebars. Plus the new one is waterproof!  The MiL seemed pleased with here collection of gifts, which included a large bottle of generic Tylenol from the States.  After we got dressed we did the rounds of “cat duty” … the weather was quite nice … sunny with temps in the mid-40’s. It would have felt like Spring if the air had smelled right.

Then late in the afternoon Dr. Darling’s brother, his wife and their 10-month-old son who’s walking(!) came by on their way home from Trelleborg. As they’d been away for a couple of days they also had Elsa the Black Lab with them, and I’m happy to report that we only lost one Christmas tree ornament to her wagging tail. And neither she nor the baby ate any tinsel…as far as we know!  We had fika and opened more gifts … and when they left they took the MiL with them.

So now Dr. Darling and I are alone for the first time during the holiday … time to get out the mistletoe!!!

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