Dec 26 2004

Boxing Day Bonanza!

Today is "annandag jul" (literally "another day Christmas")…an official part of the Christmas holiday here. It’s similar to Boxing Day in some of the Commonweath countries, I think. (If it had fallen on a weekday, everybody would have had the day off from work.) But regardless of which day it falls on…it marks the start of the "mellandags rea" (literally "middle days sale", representing the days between Christmas and New Year’s) where retailers try to unload all the stock they didn’t get move for Christmas. Dr. Darling and I decided to venture out into the fray…primarily because the hands-free set with FM radio that I wanted for my mobile phone was on sale at a local electronics store.

Now because we had no money my first Christmas in Sweden and then were in the States last year, this was my first ever "mellandags rea" experience, and I have to say that it rivalled the chaos and madness of any "day after Christmas" sale I’ve even been to the in the U.S. I couldn’t believe the crowds! When we finally battled our way into the right store, the hands-free set was not marked with the advertised sale price and the line to the registers was at least 25 to 30 people deep. Well, I didn’t want to wait in that line…the measely 40 crowns savings was NOT worth it, and it was by no means certain since the hand-free set wasn’t marked as being on sale.

So we walked over to the Telia (the biggest phone company) boutique where there was no queue, fully prepared to pay full-price for it (I’ve been asking for it for over a year…finally decided to just buy it for myself) and when the clerk rung it up…it was discounted 100 crowns…which made it even cheaper than the sale price at the store with the out-of-control queue! Sometimes miracles do happen! And earlier in the trip…during a thrash through one of our favorite sporting goods stores…I found a pair of waterproof Timberland boots for 40% off! So all in all, a very productive shopping trip for me!

Then…due to a variety of circumstances, my plans to make a REAL Christmas dinner yesterday were delayed until this evening (which was probably a good thing because this way I only had myself and Dr. Darling to be embarrassed in front of if it didn’t go well).

So in addition to roast beef and greenbean casserole, I attempted my first ever solo batch of Yorkshire Pudding…using the recipe out of my "Joy of Cooking" cookbook and a muffin tin instead of a 9×13 pan. (This was the recommendation of an English friend, and I figure she of all people ought to know how to make Yorkshire Pudding!) Well, it was WONDERFUL! They puffed up so light and airy in the individual wells of the muffin tin. Of course about half of them collapsed when they came out of the oven…but they were delicious anyway! Even Dr. Darling…who was not impressed with Yorkshire Pudding the first time she tried it…liked these!

I may have to find another excuse to make them again before next Christmas!!!

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