Dec 27 2004

Correction…sort of…

Dr. Darling, who over the course of 2.5 years has never demonstrated anything more than a passing committment to helping me learn Swedish, last night informed me that I had translated "annandag" incorrectly in my recent explanation of "annandag jul."  She tried to tell me that it meant "two days after Christmas", presumably because all Swedes think of Christmas as falling on Dec. 24…which is just WRONG.

So this morning I checked my trusty on-line Swedish dictionary, and it said that the word "annan" meant "another" (which I *knew*) and that the word "annandag" was used to indicate the day after Christmas, or the day after Easter…and even the day after Whitsunday (which is also a holiday here). Even more specifically, the dictionary said "annadag jul" was in fact, Boxing Day.

So not only was I RIGHT, I was right TWICE!

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