Dec 28 2004

And the geekiness continues…

But this time it’s not entirely my fault!

I’ve been playing around with the new "hands-free set with FM radio" for my mobile phone for the past couple days and have discovered two things: 1. the radio doesn’t work very well on the train, and B) using the hands-free option is not really something that can be done "on the fly." Now the former didn’t really surprise me since the portable shortwave I have in my office only pulls in one radio station. (The signals just aren’t very strong in the area of Sweden where I work.)  But the latter was just something I just hadn’t really thought about.

The hands-free set consists of a jack that plugs into the bottom of my phone, which is then connected to a small digital FM radio by a single cord. Coming out from the radio is separate cord that leads to the microphone…and then after the microphone it splits into two very thin cords that lead to the earphone buds. Now the kit came with a cute little zippered bag, presumably to store it in when it’s not in use, but getting this collection of cords into the bag without tangling them into knots is a big challenge.  And getting them out of the bag and ready for use in a hurry (as in when the phone is ringing) is next to impossible.

So this means that the hands-free kit has to be attached to the phone AT ALL TIMES if I want to use it all, and since I carry the phone on my person (rather than in my backpack)…I pretty much have to WEAR the hands-free assembly all the time, too. Talk about GEEKY. In fact, this is WAY geekier than even I…in my acceptance of my own closet-geekiness…could ever have imagined.


Fortunately, I work at a company populated with engineers, and compared to the pocket-protector set, I’m still stylin’!

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