Dec 29 2004

All of Sweden…

…(including my own personal Swede) is glued to the developing news of the tragedy in southeast Asia. That part of the world…especially Thailand…is enormously popular with Scandinavians looking to escape the cold dark winter for a few weeks of surf, sand and sun. (Dr. Darling‘s Dad and his sambo have been several times.

As of today the Swedish government knows of 1,500 Swedes who were in that part of the world over Christmas and have not yet been heard from…and as many as 54 Swedes have been reported dead. That’s quite a few people when you consider how small the country is…the Foreign Minister estimates that virtually everyone in Sweden knows at least one person who’s family is waiting to hear from a loved one who was travelling there.

In other news, the radio station that my clock radio is tuned to was off-the-air when my alarm went off this morning. I just happened to roll over and look at the clock at 6:50 a.m., and miraculously managed to still make my bus at 7:18. I had to skip taking a shower in order to do it…but hey…something had to be sacrificed! This means I am now both tired AND grubby, which is never a good combination.

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