Dec 30 2004

It was a slow week at work…

…which is why observant readers may notice that a couple of new features have been added to ShazzerSpeak recently!  The most obvious "upgrade" is that I’ve replaced the clunky Bravenet guestbook with a slightly less-clunky Bravenet guestmap.  I used it on an earlier incarnation of the site a couple of years ago and it’s kind of fun to see where people are reading from…so place your pin and say hello!

Then while I was motoring around my Bravenet account, I realized that the hit counter that had been keeping track of visitors at my old hosting service could be moved here..so the hit counter is now showing a much more accurate (not to mention impressive) number of visitors to ShazzerSpeak.

And finally, I’m testing-driving another new Bravenet service, a FAQ…the link for which is currently located just below the search option in the left-hand sidebar.  I had to make up the initial questions from memory based on actual inquiries I’ve had from visitors over the last two years, but I’m sure I’ve left something out.  (And I’ve no doubt that my loyal readers will let me know about it!)  So go ahead…fire at will!

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