Jan 02 2005

“Sweden’s own 9-11”

I had New Year’s Day phone calls from family in the U.S. yesterday…most of whom had no idea how deeply Sweden is being affected by the disaster in SE Asia. The following article from the Boston Globe explains it pretty well.

Disaster may be Sweden’s Sept. 11

STOCKHOLM –The tsunami that swept away so many lives in Asia has
carried waves of grief to Sweden, with the country confronting what one
government official described yesterday as ”Sept. 11 levels of
casualties." The confirmed Swedish death toll is 59, but more than 3,500 Swedes who
were vacationing in Thailand and Sri Lanka are missing. Authorities
here believe a majority of them are dead.

Yesterday, the country canceled its usually festive New Year
celebrations and instead held a national day of mourning, flying flags
at half-staff and gathering for candlelight vigils and church services
across the country. Outside Asia, this Nordic nation of 9 million has felt the brunt of the disaster far more than any other single country.

The full article is available here.

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