Jan 07 2005

Too many actresses with French-sounding names

Cover of "Chocolat (Miramax Collector's S...

Cover of Chocolat (Miramax Collector's Series)

So we were watching an old episode of “Will & Grace” this afternoon in which there was a running joke about the film “Chocolat.” This just happens to be the first movie Dr. Darling and I ever saw together in a theater … and therefore is something of a running joke between us as well.

We weren’t dating at the time (mostly because I was still exclusively into men at that point) and we chose to see that particular film because Dr. Darling has a thing for the actress who stars in it … hence the joke.

So here’s the conversation that followed this old episode of Will & Grace:

Me: Honey, I know you l love Julia Ormond more than me.

Honey: No, I love Juliette Binoche more than you.

Me: Well, thanks so much for clearing that up!

You see, I can NEVER remember which one of those actresses is which.

Which, now that I think about it … makes “Chocolat” a multi- layered running joke between us. Cool.

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