Jan 09 2005

In the doghouse…

Gee, I have so many things to whine about that it’s difficult to know where to begin. My long weekend is coming to a close, and while it was productive in terms of the big freelance project we’ve been working on, I’m still bummed that it’s over. And my depression over this is being amplified by the recent realization that I’m not going to get another weekend until Jan. 22&23 courtesy of an upcoming jaunt to the in-laws.  I have known that this trip was in the works for awhile…but the details of it were only made clear to me in the last 36 hours or so, and let’s just say I’m NOT a happy about them.

Dr. Darling has accepted an invitation for us to stay at her brother’s house in Halmstad on Friday night, the idea being that on Saturday afternoon we can ride up to their Dad’s place (in Falkenberg) with him and his wife and young son for "Christmas Dinner" and a gift exchange. (The Swede’s parents are divorced, so while my MiL was here with us for Christmas, we have yet to celebrate the holiday season with "Pappa".)  Dr. Darling and I will then spend Saturday night in Falkenberg and come home sometime on on Sunday (probably late afternoon or early evening if previous history is any indication).  This is a perfectly reasonable and sensible plan of the kind my Swede is famous for, with the exception of the fact that it does not allow me any down-time for the entire weekend…or at least not until Sunday night when it’s time to start mentally preparing for the work week ahead.

Now I have to say upfront that I really like my in-laws, and I enjoy road-trips as general rule.  It has been our habit to make this kind of trip a couple times a year, and when I was in school or just working part-time it was never a problem…in fact it was usually a nice change of pace.  But my attitude toward spending an entire weekend out-of-town has changed a little bit since I started working full-time. I’m already resenting the much needed sleep I’m not going to get, and the fact that I have to re-schedule a much-needed haircut (and I’ll be very lucky if I manage to get an appointment the following Saturday).

But mostly I think I’m just peeved because we didn’t really discuss it except in the most general terms (as in, "Dad wants us to come up sometime in January and the ONLY weekend he has free is Jan. 15&16.") before Dr. Darling committed us to the trip, AND she totally shot down my compromise plan that she go up to her brother’s in Halmstad on Friday afternoon and I join the party in Falkenberg on Saturday. Not only that, but I seem to be in trouble for even suggesting it.

So now, in addition to the weekend being over there’s tension between the two of us on this issue. And the thing of it is…it’s not unreasonable to spend a weekend with the in-laws once in awhile. So when did I get to be such a selfish schmuck?

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