Jan 10 2005

Common sense wins out…

I’m delighted to report that peace and serenity has been restored in our household (even though I haven’t been there since 7:15 this morning).  Dr. Darling called just before noon and said, "I talked to Magnus and he says it’s fine if you wait to come up on Saturday."

This quite naturally surprised me given the conversation we’d had just the night before.  So naturally I asked, "What made you decide to even say anything to him about it?"

To which she responded, "I checked the train schedule and if we want to go together after you get off work on Friday, the earliest we can possibly be in Halmstad is 9 p.m."

Me: "I guess that ‘s a little late for dinner."

The Swede: "So I asked him what he thought about me coming up mid-afternoon on Friday and you following on Saturday morning and he said that was a great idea."


So in the end, I got my way.  But not because of my wonderful negotiating skills or because Dr. Darling suddenly decided to take my needs and feelings into consideration.  No, we reached this compromise because the train schedule was inconvenient.

Hey…whatever works.  I’m just glad to be out of the doghouse.

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