Jan 12 2005

This bears repeating:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Fancy coffee drinks should not be permitted to be sold in train station kiosks!

Now I don’t buy coffee on my way to the train very often because 1) I rarely have enough time, and B) it’s quite expensive. But this morning I made an exception because I woke up with a headache that was still bothering me when I got off the bus, and I thought the caffeine fix might help.

Now time was tight but the queue was short , so I decided to go for it.  And as is invariably the case, the person in front of me orders a cappuccino, the most time-consuming coffee drink on offer.  Hell, I feel guilty when I ask for my regular cup ‘o joe with milk (which they pour for you here). I would never have the nerve to order a friggin’ cappuccino. And this cappuccino-orderer was a guy no less! Guys are supposed to drink their coffee black with no sugar! Just ask Dr. Darling, who every so often announces that she’s switching to black coffee because it’s more MACHO.

(So what if her conversion only lasts for half a cup…at least she’s not holding up the queue at the train station!)

Feed my ego!

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