Jan 14 2005

Dispatch from the bachelorette pad…

Greetings from the homestead, which I have all to myself tonight because Dr. Darling is up in Halmstad at her brother’s house. She left about 3 this afternoon and since there was nothing for me to rush home to, I stayed at the office until 6 to make up for the the time I lost when I missed my bus this morning. (I hate it when that happens!) I’ll rendezvous with everybody early tomorrow afternoon for the drive up to my FiL’s place in Falkenberg, where we will have a very belated Christmas celebration, spend the night, and then come back sometime (hopefully not too late) on Sunday afternoon. There will naturally be a gift exchange, but I doubt very much I will get the one thing I really need…A HAIRCUT!!!

Now one reader has already commented that I need to "chill-out" about being forced to postpone my much-needed visit to the hairdresser this weekend, but as I sit here half-blind with my bangs in my eyes, I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon. FAIR WARNING PEOPLE!!!

Perhaps a little history and background are in order here. I’m not the kind of person who has ever spent a whole lot of time or money on my appearance. I’ve never worn make-up (except for a few excruciating months right after college when my (male) boss advised me to do it so I’d look a little older to clients) and I don’t spend money on clothes. (The exception being hats/caps and clunky utilitarian shoes.) Keeping my short hair neat and tidy (and occasionally covering the gray with a home-coloring kit) is really my only concession to vanity.

But for the last 2.5 years, I’ve gone an average of three to four months between haircuts (and looked like hell, thank you very much) because it’s twice as expensive in Sweden as it was in my hometown and we’ve been living on a somewhat limited budget most of that time. And it doesn’t help matters that Dr. Darling is such a cheapskate spendthrift that she’s willing to let ME cut her hair (scary), and she’s always given me grief about how much I pay for mine to be cut no matter how infrequently I have it done.

So I promised myself that *the moment* I had a full-time job I would make a standing appointment at the hairdresser’s every six weeks. (It really needs be done every five weeks, but like I said, it’s expensive here.) Well, I got the job about 10 weeks ago, so do the math. I’m only on my second regularly scheduled haircut and I’ve already had to delay it. I think I’m entitled to be pissed!

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