Jan 16 2005

Sleep-deprived (and still shaggy)

But we did get some nice Christmas presents out of the deal.  We also got to see some of the storm damage up close and personal.  We’re talking about lots of really BIG trees that looked like they had just been pushed over…many of them pulling big chunks of their root systems up as they went down.  It was kind of freaky, and I can now understand why some sections of the train tracks between Angelholm and Halmstad are still being cleared.

On the other hand, I cannot understand why the system for getting people off the train and on to the shuttle busses to Halmstad was so chaotic an disorganized.  They’d allegedly been doing it for a whole week by Saturday, and yet it was a total zoo…especially for the folks who were carrying a lot of luggage.  I ended up helping a older German lady on her way to northern Norway who was carrying an old army backpack that was bigger than she was, two very heavy pieces of hand luggage (I swear she was carrying bricks or bars of gold or something), and a rolling pilot’s case.  She’d have never made to the bus or back on the train in Halmstad if I hadn’t volunteered to carry a couple of her bags.

But the thing that really surprised me was that the bus drivers didn’t bother to check anyone’s tickets as they boarded.   Some passerby could have very easily slipped into the pack of train passengers as they crowded onto the busses and scored a free ride to Halmstad.  In fact, I’m guessing a couple of folks have already figured that out and have been riding back and forth for free all week!

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