Jan 19 2005

My electronic gadget addiction…

…got a MAJOR fix recently with the arrival of my new mobile phone.

For those who haven’t been following the story of my life closely enough (and you know who you are!), my old and much-loved mobile phone took a (very) brief swim on New Year’s Eve and while it continues to receive and make outgoing calls like a champ, the screen has never really recovered. This makes it really difficult to read the info stored in the PhoneBook and SMS messages, etc., and of course I had NO idea how often I used these functions until they no longer worked. (Cue Joni Mitchell’s "Big Yellow Taxi" here.) I lasted about two weeks before this drove me completely crazy.

So I’ve now replaced the phone with a newer model made by the same manufacturer (Sony Ericsson…I’m in SWEDEN after all) so I can continue to use the hands-free kit with FM radio that I bought myself for Christmas. This was a good thing and a bad thing. Good because it helped narrow down my choices considerably (there must be something on the order of 47 gazillion different models available) and bad because it limited my choices quite a bit. To get the features I really needed (tri-band/bluetooth), I had to pay from some I didn’t really want (like a really poor-quality built-in camera).

But at least I now have a fully-functioning phone. And even more exciting as far as I’m concerned, Dr. Darling, who has always resisted us getting a second mobile phone, has inherited the old one. It has more than than enough functionality for her…she’ll probably never need to dial a number she doesn’t already have memorized and has neither the interest nor the patience to send an SMS. She’s actually a bit of a Luddite when it comes to certain types of
technology…loves the internet but has to be bribed to make a phone
call. How weird is that?

Feed my ego!

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