Jan 22 2005

Shaggy no more! (but a lot poorer)

Yes…the long-awaited haircut finally took place this morning. I feel and look much better, but it didn’t go as smoothly as it usually does. Because I had to re-schedule my original appointment, I didn’t get to see my regular hair-dresser…normally not a problem, but I’m wondering if maybe the young woman I ended up with was an apprentice or something. She looked about 12, and when I got home I actually had to ask Dr. Darling to even up the hair over my ears. (This may pay off in the long-run however, because the Swede got to witness first-hand just how bad our scissors are and why I’ve been wanting to replace them for over two-years now).

Turns out I also got some bad advice from a colleague at work earlier in the week, who assured me that having my hair washed was including in the price of the cut. This sort of made sense to me at the time given how expensive the haircut is in the first place, and I LOVE it when someone else scrubs my head. But it turned out NOT to be true and of course I didn’t find this out until it came time to pay the bill. Not only was there an extra charge…it was 70 SEK (about $10)!

Needless to say, I won’t be partaking of that particular luxury again anytime soon!

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