Jan 23 2005

Deconstructing the Christmas tree…

We finally managed to take the Christmas tree down today (a new personal record, surely).  Or at least MOST of the way down.  I took all the decorations off of it this afternoon and Dr. Darling then began the task of disassembling it.  Seriously…she’s clipped every branch off of it, and then cut the branches into small pieces and put them in small plastic bags for disposal in the regular garbage collection.  So now the trunk is the only thing that remains in the stand…which looks pretty stupid.  But at least the livingroom is back to something close to its normal size.

In other news…I figured out how to get my new mobile phone to talk to my Palm Pilot via Bluetooth.  No great feat, you’re probably thinking…except that I managed to do it without instructions.  This is because the user’s guide for the phone came in SWEDISH ONLY.  Now we’ve purchased numerous small electronics and appliances since I moved over here (or gotten them as gifts) and *every single one* of them came with instructions in multiple languages.  But not this very complex and multi-featured mobile phone.  I just hope I don’t accidently launch a rocket or something while I’m trying to figure it out.

But, back to the Bluetooth…this magic little wireless connection let’s me write text messages on my Palm and then send them over my mobile. This is WAY cool because I have several friends who like to use SMS and I’m completely useless when it comes to writing back with the phone’s keypad.  Now thanks to Bluetooth, I don’t have to any more. I LOVE technology!

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