Jan 27 2005

Barbara Boxer is my new hero…

So Condescending Thrice Condoleeza Rice was confirmed as Secretary of State with plenty of votes to spare, and I expected my feelings about it to be more mixed.  On the one hand, she is an African American woman and I am all for more minority representation at the highest levels of governement.  But Rice is FAR from the best person for the job in these volatile times…especially since her counsel as national security advisor is one of the reasons why these times are so volatile.

Her confirmation process did produce a few moments of pride and confidence that there are still a few sane voices in Washington, however.  Senator Barbara Boxer’s impassioned critique during Condie’s questioning before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee was one of them, and there’s still a great deal of buzz in the media about it.  John Nichols of The Nation has written one of the best articles I’ve seen on the Boxer-Rice bout.  Here’s a preview and a link to the entire article.

The Boxer Rebellion

Give Barbara Boxer credit for sparking the most engaged debate that the Senate has yet seen over the Bush administration lies that led the United States into the quagmire that is Iraq.

Boxer, the California Democrat who has been increasingly vocal in her objections to the administration’s reign of error and excess, seized the opening provided by President Bush’s nomination of Condoleezza Rice to serve as secretary of state to try and force a necessary discussion about the misstatements, misconceptions and misdeeds that Rice and others in the administration used to make the "case" for the invasion and occupation of Iraq. And, to the surprise even of some war foes, she got it.

The complete article can be read here.

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