Jan 29 2005

Saturday morning rituals…

I’ve always loved Saturday mornings. Ever since I was old enough to realize that Saturdays were different from weekdays (when I started kindergarten at the age of 5), I’ve treasure them. Sure, Sundays are nice, too.  But by then the weekend is half over. Saturday morning is full of promise for the two days of free time ahead.

During most of last year when I was only working part time, I lost my appreciation for weekends in general and Saturday mornings in particular. But now that I’m back to the grind of a 40-hour work week (with an added 10+ hours of commute time), that appreciation is back with a vengeance. And Saturday morning has been restored to its rightful place as the highlight of just about any week.

So what’s so great about it? Well, it starts with being able to wake up when my body feels rested instead of when the alarm goes off. This leads to lots of snuggling and quiet conversation Dr. Darling, followed by coffee on the couch and a catch-up on the news via BBC World and/or CNN International. Then it’s time for a late breakfast … which I always fix since Dr. Darling cooks dinner during the week.

Today I made Yorkshire Pudding, which is a bit unconventional as a breakfast dish. But the batter is very similar to what you would use for making crepes. And ever since making a successful batch of “Yorkshires” for dinner Christmas weekend, we’ve been on the look out for other excuses to eat them.  Saturday mornings are PERFECT for that!

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