Jan 31 2005

How can it possibly be Monday already?!

The weekend was nice if not slightly conflicted. After a busy week at the office (and they’re getting busier all the time), I’m very content to just hang out at the apartment and “nest”…especially of the weather’s crappy. But Dr. Darling, who’s just spent the whole week hanging out in the apartment, wants to go out and DO something. (The nerve!)

We ended up compromising…staying in and nesting on Saturday when it was really cold outside and then venturing into the city to meet some friends on Sunday afternoon when it was significantly warmer. By this morning all of our snow was melted but the wind was blowing something awful. I got a nice workout just walking from the train station to my office!

But the most wonderful development lately is how quickly the daylight is returning. Just over a week ago the sun was barely starting to come up by the time I stepped off the train in Landskrona (about 8:15 a.m.), and this morning it was definitely daylight when I arrived. The sun is staying up longer in the afternoons, too. Of course everybody realizes that Spring is still along way off, but having a little more daylight every day is definitely a step in the right direction!

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