Feb 02 2005

“Eau de Solvent” is NOT my favorite scent…

While on my way home from work last night, I got a warning from Dr. Darling that she was in "bike mechanic mode", which is a wonderful thing except for the smell and the mess. The turpentine hit me when I opened the door to our building…and we live on the second floor. Of course it was even stronger inside the apartment, where her bike was in pieces all over the livingroom and the kitchen…which made for a good excuse to order pizza.

Now Dr. Darling has disassembled and cleaned both our bikes several times since I moved in here and neither of us can ever recall the smell of the cleaning solvents and lubricants being so strong before. We suspect it has something to do with our new windows, which evidently can prevent toxic fumes from escaping just as effectively as they can prevent heat from escaping.

Unfortunately, "bike mechanic mode" seems to have worn off before the her bicycle was completely re-assembled. But at least the kitchen was functional tonight. Maybe I’ll get the livingroom back by tomorrow night?

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